I graduated from Computer Science at University of Warsaw and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. I was also a PhD student at University of Warsaw. My specialization were Distributed Systems and High-Performance Distributed Computing accordingly. I had a scholarship for education achievements each year. Nevertheless, studying was not enough for me - I always wanted to challenge with real problems, so I started working during the third year of my studies and continued it during all my further education.

I’m not strongly tied to any technology. In fact, I like a diversity. I worked in over a dozen of projects for various industries(financial, military, telecom, medical, publishing house, retail) using diverse technologies (Java, Groovy, C/C++, C#, Python, Bash, JavaScript, etc.).

I’m enthusiast of clean code, test-driven development and microservices approach, a strong believer in CI/CD, automating and removing manual tasks.

I have always a huge smile on my face when I can play with:

  • distributed systems
  • multithreading applications
  • network programming

I work only for companies with a strong engineering culture. I can help you to build distributed systems or migrate from monolith to microservice architecture.

It’s very important for me to always increase my skills, so from time to time I like to attend some online courses. Here you can find a few of my certificates:


16 Sep 2015 . conf . JavaZone Oslo 2015 review Comments

I attended the JavaZone conference in Oslo on 9th and 10th September 2015. JavaZone is a conference for Java developers created by the Norwegian Java User Group javaBin. The conference was in Oslo and talks were given in English and Norwegian, albeit the majority of them were in English. There were about 2500 attendees, 200 speakers and 7 parallel sessions. It was the 14th anniversary of the JavaZone conference and its maturity was really visible almost everywhere. Why almost? You will find out later. Let’s begin The conference started with an impressing intro…

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  • June 2016 - Today

    Senior Developer @ Atlassian, Sydney

  • September 2014 - May 2016

    Senior Software Developer @ 4finance IT

  • June 2008 - August 2014

    Senior Software Engineer @ 7bulls.com

  • September 2010

    M.Sc. in Computer Science @ University of Warsaw

  • August 2010

    M.Sc. in Computer Science @ Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


Drop me an email if you are interested in me coding for you.